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3 Reasons Why All Dads Should Be Spending Quality Time With Their Kids

Am I spending quality time with my kids? Seems like a silly question.

I’m getting them ready for school, cleaning up after them and even doing the shopping for my children. My life seems to revolve around my children, so how could I not be spending quality time with them?

There is a difference between spending time and spending quality time with someone. Spending quality time with your children means completely engaging with them.

Spending quality time with your children will strengthen your relationship

You should not mix quality time with a lot of time. You can spend quality time with your children even if it’s only 10 minutes. Here are some examples of the same task but with different levels of engagement.

  1. Talking with your child while multitasking on the phone
  1. talking to your child with your undivided attention
  1. taking to your child with your undivided attention during lunch which you’ve organised for them.

Each task is essentially the same, but the quality of time spent varies in each one differs. The more you invest in your relationship with your child the bigger the rewards you’ll reap.

Let your children decide the agender

As a father, we should do the things our children like to do, play the games they want to play. Simply being there for them is important. It shows your children your love and cares for them, and it will strengthen your relationship.

Not only would you be setting a positive example for your child on how fathers should act. But this will help your children become mentally and emotionally stronger.

If you fail to plan you plan to fail

It’s essential to plan regular quality time with your children. Whether it’s every weekend or Friday night, plan to spend quality with your children. And get your children involved in the planning of family activities. This will strengthen the love + empathy we have for our kids.


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