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How Working Out Has Made Me Productive in Life

Working out has changed my life. I’m not talking about the known benefits of working out, such as feeling good or the extra energy. But the subliminal benefits I got from working out, have made me more productive in my everyday life.

We’ve all been there. We start the day super motivated with our to-do lists. Only to finish the day with the feeling we haven’t completed anything,

Being productive can be difficult. It’s all about optimising our 24 hours. But sometimes you don’t know where to start.

See how I incorporate the methods that I got from working out, into my life to make me more productive. The following methods offer ways in which you can increase your productivity.

One thing at a time

When I used to work out, I had a bad habit of dreading ‘the next task’. For example, if I’m working on my arms and the next exercise is a leg workout. While I’m working my arms, I used to think how dreadful the leg workout would be. As soon as I started the leg workout, I would start dreading how awful the next workout will be.

This voice in my head was a thief. Unintentionally, it was stealing my concentration from the tasks I was doing. Hence, I wasn’t able to give the specific work-out my 100%

I realised that by focusing on one task at a time, and more importantly, the tasks I’m currently doing. Not only make me more productive, but I get higher quality work done. I’m not multitasking my attention to different tasks. This has helped me get more done in a shorter period.

By taking a break, you’re disconnecting to reconnect

When I first started training, I aimed to get the most done in the shortest period. This ‘no rest’ mentality was destroying me. And what made matters worse is that I wasn’t seeing results.

Someone advised me that the fitness journey which I embarked on is a long journey. It takes years to get where I want to be. So I needed to take it easy and not burn myself out.

I realised I need to stop buying into the ‘success pill’ fad, or ‘do this for 5 minutes and become a millionaire’ lies. Success takes time. The only place where success comes before work is the dictionary.

In life, you need to

— Sleep for eight hours instead of six

— exercise for one hour instead of three

— deep work for 3 hours instead of nine.

Remember, you’re a human being and not a machine.

Regular breaks, whether during a workout or in the office, can help improve your attitude and concentration. It also reduces fatigue, which helps your productivity.

Start with the biggest tasks first.

One benefit I got from training with a coach was that he taught me to start with the hardest task first. For example, squats are considered to be one of the more difficult exercises in the gym. It’s not wise to leave it last when you are tired and have the least amount of energy.

I used to delay big tasks due to laziness, only for the tasks to eventually come back to me head-on. Tasks that should have taken me only a few hours end up taking the entire day. I realised that rather than leaving big tasks to the end when I’m usually burned out, I should do them first when I’m most energetic.

I now plan my tasks in order of difficulty. I would try to complete the bigger and more difficult tasks first when I’m more energetic. And leave the smaller, easier tasks later for when I’m burned out.


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