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I Tried Skipping for 30 Days, Here’s What I Found Out

I avoided skipping for many years, as I used to think that it was only for kids. Boy was I wrong. Skipping is for all ages. After 30 days of skipping, this is what I found out.

A good warm-up and cool down can’t be emphasised enough

Warm-ups are a must. Not only if you want to minimise the chance of getting injured. But also to prepare the body for what coming (the work-out),

With all the benefits of skipping such as

  • Increases the heart rate,
  • Increases body temperature
  • Helps blood flow around the body,

What better way to top warm up your body and point that to skip? As skipping is a compound exercise, it works many muscles at the same time, which allows your body to warm up quicker.

You can also skip for a cool down.

Have fun while skipping

At times, working out can be dull. But, skipping is an enjoyable way to get your body moving. It doesn’t matter your age. Everyone has memories of themselves having fun skipping in the playground.

To mix things up a bit you can learn new tricks, skip in groups or try having competitions. See who can skip the longest, and show off our new tricks.

Skipping is great for losing weight and helps build cardio

Skipping heats the body up. The body needs fuel to generate heat. This helps you to burn a lot of calories in a very short period. This calorie deficit is how you lose weight.

As skipping is a full body and mind workout. That is why, some athletes, skip for their cardiovascular system.

One of the most effective cardio exercises is skipping, a study found that found just 10 minutes a day with the rope was comparable to 30 minutes of jogging


After skipping for 30 days, I realised skipping is :

  • A great warm-up and cool down.
  • It’s fun.
  • It helps to lose weight + helps build cardio

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