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3 Ways To Strengthen Relationships Through Compliments

It’s true, Acton’s do speak louder than words

But the right words at the right time can work magic. “You’re such a good friend, that dress suits you, I love your haircut.” Praise and compliments make us feel good, especially if we’re on the receiving end.

Understanding how this happens would motivate us to put more emphasis on complimenting others.

Strengthen the bond

We manifest our love in many ways, amongst them by compliments and praise. Praising those around you will strengthen your relationships, especially with those closest to you. When I praise my wife for the small things she does, it manifests my love for her. Which makes her feel appreciated and valued. This isn’t only for marital relationships but can be true for all day to day relationships whether colleagues, friends, and even your children.

Once you start investing more into these relationships, you will see a similar effect from your partner. This love and appreciation which bounces off each other will only strengthen the relationship.

You can lift an army by boosting their morale

Praising people not only strengthens relationships but also helps build better workers by raising morale. When I praise my children after helping me out with the house choirs, it not only boosts their morale. But behaviour that gets rewarded is more likely to get repeated.

Even when my children try but failed tasks, a few words of praise can work wonders. It motivates them to work harder the second time around.

In the workplace, when managers praise their colleagues, they feel more satisfied. By rewarding employees with praise and compliments, it builds self esteems, reinforces positive behaviours and boots confidence. This will give the manager a more enthusiastic workforce.

The opposite is also true. If a manager fails to praise his employees, especially after a hard or strenuous task, this could lower their morale and make them feel undervalued.

Praising others helps you see the brighter things in life

Compliments not only benefits those receiving them, but also helps those giving them more optimism. Continuously praising good behaviour helps you to see the good in those around you. By manifesting their value to you, through praising them, it also helps you to appreciate those you’re praising,


Praising people has many benefits, such as

  • Strengthening relationship bonds with family, friends, and work colleges
  • raises morale and motivates them to work harder
  • help the one giving the compliments be more optimistic

The opposite is also true, lack of praise could lower the morale of people


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