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Relationship problems? Here are 3 Ways to get stronger from a fight!

A successful relationship can be judged by its arguments.

In times of peace and love, everyone can be romantic and loving. This shouldn’t be the criteria on how to judge a relationship. But rather, how you treat your partner when you fight.

Fighting the correct way can often mean a successful relationship.

All couples have ups and downs, we all know what to do when the romance is high but were unprepared for the reality : war. Those who ignore these facts are those who will be doomed in their relationships.

Here are some techniques which we can use to manoeuvre a relationship out of a heated argument.

Admit your mistakes, take fault for your actions

When you make a mistake, take responsibility for your actions and admit fault. The worst thing you can do is play the blame game. This is where one of the couple blames everything on the other. The natural response of the one being blamed is to reject all accusations. This is because rather than both sides actively trying to find solutions to the problem. Both sides are just interested in pushing the blame onto others.

To overcome this, you need to regulate your emotions. It may be best to discuss the issues of your relationship, not in the heat of an argument. But give it some time for things to calm down, then bring up the sensitive topics.

When the atmosphere is cool, it’s easier to talk about the issues in a more productive manner.

It takes years to build trust, but seconds to destroy it

If you consider anything valuable in your life, its/their value to you increased over time. Your best friend didn’t become your best friend the first time you met them. It took time for you to build that relationship, weeks, months, and possibility years.

A relationship which took years to build could be destroyed within a moment.

‘A moment of Patience in a moment of Anger saves a thousand moments of Regret.’

The next time you’re in an argument, you must realize a wrong word could harm your partner and possibly end your relationship. It’s better for you not to damage that sacred bond and come back to the problem when you’re both cool minded.

The art of compromising

All healthy relationships require you to give and take, especially someone you’re seeing for a significant part of your life. At times, you need to give up something’s to reach an area of understanding with your partner.

Compromising is about seeing the bigger picture. Sometimes for your partner to be happy and love you more, you may have to give up something you like, or do something you dislike. This flexibility is key to a successful relationship and overcoming arguments and fights.


To judge the success of a relationship, you must look at how the couple are in times of war. In times of peace, everyone can be loving and happy.

To help with argument in a relationship, you must admit their mistakes. You must also realize that this relationship which took years to build could be destroyed with in seconds. And finally, flexibility is key to overcoming arguments and fights.


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