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How to make your employees love you?

Can overcome one of the oldest conflict known to man? Before the great world wars, was the conflict between employees and employee. How do you resolve issues between the manager and his subordinates?

Being a manager for over 5 years, here are some tips I’ve picked up which helped harmonize the relationship between employer and employee

More than just a boss

What connotations come to mind when one thinks of the word ‘boss’. Demanding, controlling, pressure. At times these qualities are a must. But many managers use them too often.

Your employees are most effective when they are in a relaxed environment. Applying too much pressure on them on a daily basics will make them nervous and less productive. To overcome this, it helps to:

  • Build rapport with your employees
  • befriend them
  • ask them about their day-to-day lives outside of work
  • Ask them about their families/ kids

The most effective tool I’ve found to build rapport is asking about their kids. Everyone loves their children (or they should do). Asking about their children and showing that you care about them and their families, this helped me strengthen my relationship with my employees.

Don’t be too strict on discipling

We all make mistakes. And the best of us are those who learn from our mistakes. Those who get up after they fall over. Teach your employees It’s OK, to make small mistakes, as long as you’re willing to acknowledge them and learn from your mistakes. This encourages your employees to learn, which increases his value in your company,

Also, by being fair to your employees, this builds commitment and loyalty between you and your staff.

Fire him in the coolest way possible

Sometimes employees do major mistakes which they need to be fired, or they don’t acknowledge their mistakes. If you’ve tried everything, but nothing seems to be working. More than likely, you need to get rid of them.

This is a true life story of what happened to me when i fired an employee of mine :

i had an employee, john, who worked with me for a couple of months. i was having issues with him and his negative effect he was having on some of our team members. John and I spoke a couple of times, his main issues were that he thought he was underpaid. i told him according to our contract your wage are correct and at this moment in time you don’t deserve a pay rise.

John started to complain to other team members, which created a negative vibe in the work force. i could have easily fired him, but that would have caused issues with other colleagues, who were John’s close friends.

So instead, i sat with a close friend of johns and told him my problem with john. He went and spoke to john about his issues and confirmed that john was in the wrong. As the weeks went on, i had no solution except to fire john.

Even after i fired john, he still insisted he was wronged, so i suggested we sit with the neutral party, someone we both agree with, and let them decide between us. After our meeting, the neutral party agreed that john was in the wrong, and he accepted his mistake.

If i had fired john from the beginning, it may have caused issues with the other colleges. But instead, i showed him his mistakes and, when needed to, i also showed other employees his mistake. So when he did get fired, the other employees didn’t cause issues.


To become a better manager and get more out of your employee, you should :

  • Build rapport with your employees
  • encourage a learning environment
  • even when you fire them, let it be done n a gentle way as to not upset other employees

If you have any other tips of how to build a harmonious work place, please let me know below.


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