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My worst Date ever. Total Failure

Yesterday, what was supposed to be a date with my wife, it turned out to be one of my worst days ever. It all began when wanted to leave work early. Last minute work came up. No problem, i thought, i’ll finish up and fly home.

As soon as i left the workplace, another urgent task came up. Last minutes seem to love me today. I quickly finished the task and though that I’m still on time.

That’s when disaster struck

On my way home, my bike broke down. But there was still a spark of optimism in me, it’s gonna talk a lot more of than a broken motorbike to stop me. i managed to get the bike to the nearest garage and waited for it to get fixed.

What seemed like 10 minutes, only to be told that they couldn’t fix my bike! ‘Why did you make me wait in the first place’? The final straw was that i had to push my bike to another garage, which was far away.

Now a few hours late to my date and no means of communication with my wife to let her know what happened. i was gutted and angry. She’s been going through a hard time recently and i wanted to cheer here up, not spoil our date.

Angry, mad, upset were just some of what i was feeling. When i finally did reach my house, expecting to meet a very upset wife, i was surprisingly mistaken.

Where have you been, I’ve been trying to get hold of you, I’m so glad nothing happened to you‘. And she mentioned nothing about our date. I explained what happened, but she just seemed to be happy that i was fine.

I apologized about the lateness and suggested that we go now. She said, don’t worry about it, another time.

A thankful husband

I consider myself luck to have such a considerate parter. My wife had all the right to be upset, get angry or even shout, but her main worry was my safety. I’ve realized i also need to be more considerate to other people’s mistakes, as people are helpful when i make mistakes.


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