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5 methods to help raise kids

everyone wants their kids to be happy, but at times it can be difficult deciding what’s best for your kids and your kids being happy. we will look at five methods that help raise kids, these did not only help me in raising my kids but also helped me in my day to day relationship with people.

lead by example

the best way of teaching is from your example, if your kids love you they will copy you. if your constantly shouting and screaming, don’t be surprised if your kids start screaming because this will be ‘normal’. show them your loving, forgiving side, accept your mistakes in front of them and hopefully these qualities will brush off onto theme

spend quality time with them as these quality times that you spend with your child are memories that will be printed in their hearts for als long as they live

you want to be the role model for your kids so that when they grow up they will say ‘i want to be just like my parents’ and not ‘i’m never going to be like my parents’. be the parent you want your kids to be

set boundaries

you need to make clear boundaries and be firm with them, child discipline, when done correctly, is not about trying to control your child but about showing them how to control their own behavior. A child who has been taught right from wrong and has a solid sense of what is negative and positive behavior will know when they have done something wrong.1 but not setting boundaries, your child may think that their ‘bad behaviour’ is perfectly fine

be consistent with your boundaries, dont over look their mistakes because they cry and nag, otherwise you will teach them to cry all the time whenever they don’t want to do something. you don’t want the child to understand that they will get what they want if they cry or nag.

praise children when required and discipline them when needed

teach your child what’s right from wrong and let them follow your guidance, praise them when they do right and discipline them when they do wrong. you should not discipline them for no reason or just because your having a bad day, you release your anger on them. this will confuse you child as he feels they are being punished for no reason rather than ‘bad behaviour = disciplined’. be flexible in your parenting style, too much treats and fun will spoil them and being too harsh will make them dislike you

encourage them to do more

teach them basic skill such as answering the phone, riding a bike, learning how to swim, putting together a basic meals such as jam and toast. let them feel more independent as they are growing up. once they have grasped basic concepts build upon them, for example teach them other basic meals

avoid complaining and instead look for solutions

teach them rather to complain to you (the parent) as the first solution but instead help them to try and find a solution themselves. this will encourage problem solving skills which will they will need for years to come.


five methods which can help raise kids are: lead by a good example, set boundaries and stick to them, praise and displien them at the right times, encourage them to do more and finally help them look for solution instead of just complaining.

let me know in the comments below of any other methods which helps raise kids and please subscribe, its helps a lot



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