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3 top qualities all managers should have

being a manager is not the light at the end of the tunnel for your career. in some cases it’s just the beginning. a manager is more about being a leader and not just getting extra perks such as a pay rise or a company car.

being a manager normally means taking on more responsibility. with great responsibility comes great power. sadly we see countless times where managers misuse this power. this usually leads to dissatisfied employees who end up leaving because of their managers and not their company. i have been a manager for over 5 years and these are some of the quality which helped me:

lead by example

if your employees this that there manager most important thing is themselves and their promotion rather than the company value they will lose faith in the company. why should they put there heart in a and believe in a company which their own manager doesn’t puta first . the team won’t sacrifice is there see their leader is not sacrificing as he should be, they won’t put in long hours is their leader is lazy. his a LEADer for a reason, and he should lead by example.

don’t seem selfless in front of the team

if the leader gives out vibes that his only in it for the money this would show that his believes in the company’s values are not very strong . also the drive for money is not very motivation in the long term . insterd the leader should give of vibed that the company is his personal company , more than just a 9-5 job.

good managers share the limelight

rather than just take the credit, a manager should not only appreciate his team but let them know and feel it. they should be made to feel part of the company and know the difference they are making. this will motivate them more and a motivated workforce is a productive workforce.

a managers supposed to protect his employees

a manager should keep his eyes out on workplace conflicts. gossiping, bullying can be big problems in the workplace and if not dealt with appropial can can empless to leave. it’s part of a manager job to protect his employees and this helps if the manager is someone the employees are comfortable talking to.


employees normally leave because of their managers and not because of their company. Ways in which managers can better themselves and strengthen their relationship with there employed is by leading by example, they shouldn’t seem selfish. good managers should shouldn’t just take the limelight. they should appreciate their teams work and finally managers should protect their employees.


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