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The stubborn frog

there was once a from who who fell into a deep pit. he tried to jump out but it was of use. he tried shouting but of no one could hear him so he sat there waiting for death or a miracle to happen.

a short time later when the frog looked up he saw a second frog, at the top of the pit, looking down at him,

‘are your ok’ shouted the second frog from the from the top of the pit?, he didn’t get a response but instead the frog at the bottom of the pit got up, determined, and tried jumping out of the pit again,

‘your wasting your time’ shouted the second frog, to his amazement the first frog started jumping higher, when he looked up, he now saw a group of frogs had gathered at the top of the pit.

‘your wasting your time, you should just give up, there’s no point in trying’ shouted the group of frogs but the deteremed frog kept trying to jump out of the pit. the higher he jumped and missed the harder he fell back down. he stubbornly refused to give up. finally the group of frogs shouted in a unanimous voice

‘just stop.’ and with that the frog at the bottom of the pit finally jumped out of the pit

‘why did you continue jumping when you knew you couldn’t get out, even when we told you to stop? the more we told you the more you tried.’ the group of frogs asked him

‘i’m deaf, when i saw you shouting from the top of the pit i thought you were encouraging me to jump out, so i tried to get out, the more you shouted the more i thought you wanted me to get out the more i tried until finally i jumped out.

A word of encouragement during failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success

if the death frog knew everyone was telling him to stop he would have not tried. this shows that the vibes you give off to people will effect them in ways you may not know. encourage people as the world has enough critics already. just as the deaf frog thought he was receiving encouragement, it was this ‘encouragement’ which finally got him out of the pit. your encouragement may also get people out of dark time while being critical may pull people out of good times.


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