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i’ve tried stretching for 30 days, this is what happened

what happens to your body if you stretch everyday for 30 days? is stretching overhyped or is there a madness to its method? i stretched for 30 days lets see what happened.

i’ve heard of the benefits of full body stretching from many people but never believed the hype. as a kid during school gym session the coach would make us stretch before and after training, we followed this religiously. during my many years of training i realised that stretch became less and less part of my training session and eventually stopped. i didn’t think much of it until my late 20s when my body started hurting mainy my back pain i realised that changes need to be made.

no pain no gain

i’ve always heard of the benefits of stretching but i was skeptical i had the misconception that workouts need to be hard in order for you to feel benefit. if your not dripping in sweat or lifting till you faint, your basically wasting your time. another misconception is that i assumed yoga and stretching was only for women, therefore i shied away from it for many years but after a long period of back pain i had to try anything to get better.

start of my stretch journey

i didn’t know where to start, so i looked up youtube videos, after finding a channel which looked ‘ok’ i decided to commit to a month’s worth of stretching, of around 20 minutes per day. i started practicing daily, after first couple of days i didn’t feel much difference. i was still a bit skeptical but was determined to complete my months worth.

it was coming up to the week when i was surprised to realise that my pain more or less went. months of pain disappeared within a week! it’s a miracle.if this was the benefits of a week’s worth what would happen after months of stretching. i was determined to continue this for the rest of my life (i wished). after completing the 30 day challenge this is what happened.

how stretching benefited me

i always had a above average level of fitness but after a month of stretching i felt i had more core strength. my back pain complete disappeared but my biggest gain i felt was my physique became so much healthier, and many people noticed this to, i got many compliments on my physique. this was also a huge confidence booster too. another benefit (which is common sense) was i felt way more flexible. with these benefits it’s impossible to not feel good about yourself.

with all of the above benifits led to me feeling more mentally stronger while at the same time reducing stress. even though shortly after this month i stopped stretching on a daily basis, i do remember the days i used to stretch i was much happier. the reason i stopped stretching was because (even though it’s not a valid excuse) i was too busy with a full time job and a second full time job (my family). nowadays i only stretch whenever i have back pain but i do miss the days i used to stretch everyday. hoping one day i will get back into stretching everyday because my body felt more free after 30 days of stretching.


i used to be against stretching as i felt it was only for women, after getting back pain i decided to give it a try. i decided to start 30 days of stretching with 20 minutes per session. within a week of my back pain complete went. after a month my posture became better, as well as feeling more flexible, which lead to me being more mentally stronger while at the same time reducing my stress levels.

why don’t you try the 30 day stretch level and see what happens. let me know how it went in the comments below.


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