See how fitness training changed my life

I was a quiet child in school, kept myself to myself. A lazy child who wasn’t into sport except football. I liked it, but wasn’t very good at playing it, so it was no surprise I was the goalkeeper most of the time. This all changed when my friend invited me to the local boxing gym.

I loved it, everything about it, the smell, the training, even the ‘punishment’ of the workout. After my first session, I knew I would continue this for years. And that was the beginning of my fitness journey at the age of 13. Over the years, these are some of the benefits I have got/ learned from keeping fit:

Social skills

Before I started boxing or getting fit, I was a shy kid, just your average kid. I felt there was nothing special about me. Due to training in a team, meeting like-minded people and all of a sudden, i with my new-found skills, start becoming more popular at school.

Increased confidence

From the very first lesson I started to learn and see improvements, as the months turned into years I started to get better and better. This gave me a confidence boost not only in the fitness side but all aspects of my life, as I knew with patients and the right attitude anything can be achieved.

Full body workout

Going to the gym is a full body workout which not only makes you stronger but also improves your health. It lowers blood pressure + improves blood circulation. I have felt the benefits in every day to day life, whether I felt I had more endurance lifting the shopping home or not getting tired picking up my children.

Self defense

Growing up in a rough neighborhood, I was surrounded with trouble. So IThis had to learn to defend myself. This is linked to confidence as I finally know if I’m in a situation where there is a threat, I do have some tools to get out of the situation in safety. Not only does this benefit me, but can be used to help others in times of danger.


When I was young II didn’t have much interest in being flexible, it’s only when I got older (much older) i stopped training for a period as i had little time. i had an 8-hour office job (sometimes 10 hours), sitting in a chair i realized something was wrong. Back, shoulder (you name it) pain so i decided to stretch on a daily basis and after a month i was shocked with the results. More notably, my improved posture. Most of my colleagues and friends mentioned how straight my way. My lower back and hip disappeared.

Increased my self-discipline

At time i can’t wait to get ready and run to the gym, being on time was being late. At times i would go five minutes early to the gym. Other times, it was a battle just to get out of bed. Deciding to go to the gym and not sleeping in bed was me disciplining myself and not falling for my desire.

If i miss a session or i don’t put my heart into the workout, i realize i cheat, no one except myself. These lessons not only helped me in my fitness training but also manifested in my everyday life from studying for exams or getting up early for work. This was a stress relief for me as i had a greater self-control over myself.


Stepping in to the fitness world has changed my life. i have gained benefits such as better social skills, increased confidence, improved self-defense skills, better flexibility and finally increased my self-discipline. Why don’t you try getting fitter and healthier and see the benefits for yourself.

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