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See how I managed my stress with this one little hack

life can be stressful. the older you get the more responsibility you get and sadly with that comes stress. what happened too the good old days when we were 5 years old and the hardest thing in life was choosing what color crayon to pick.

once upon a time this deciding which crayon to pick was the hardest choice in life

why is it that people react very diffidently to the same situation? a person can get over losing a loved one in a matter of weeks if not days while another may completely breakdown and be in that mental state of mind for months or years.

Why are some people naturally less stressed?

even though life can be stressful at times what makes it more stressful is unorganized stress. what do i mean by that? well for many people they are most stressed at work, and tend to relax at home, whats more obvious is that when people go on holiday there stress levels are near enough zero. why is this? the reasons for stress are still the same, the work issues are still there, rebellious children haven’t disappeared and for sure the banks haven forgotten about your debt so why is it that with the problem still being the same but in some places/time you are less stress?

the affects of stress can come in all different shapes and sizes

i was thinking about this last time i went hiking. while at hiking i had significantly less stress (near enough none) compared to other days. one possibility i thought of was that the workplace for example is a stressful place for most people, then when you start thinking about other stressful things it becomes stress upon stress, stress2.

what makes matters worse is when you start thinking of more than one stressful event your mind goes into stressful overload. thinking of many stress full events at the same times is like trying to read many books at the same time, they would be very little or no benefit while causing harm. one tip which helped me over come my stress is using something i called the ‘stress books technique’

your mental stress books may look like this

stress books

have you ever had to many internet tabs open at the same time, this what happens to your brain when you think about too much things at the same time. when i have free time (very import this works best for me when i’m doing nothing else, no matter how trivial it may seem. i imagine my stress in forms of books placed side by side on a table. i mentally open one of my ‘stress books’ for example the stress book titled ‘my rebellious step son’ and think of this one problem by itself. you can also write down your stress on paper if you prefer writing.

first i think of the problem and see what all the issues are (not to be mistake for the blame game, such as its his fault for this and my fault for that etc) then i look at ways i could have improved.

its always important to account yourself before pointing the finger at others. then i would look at ways my step son could have done better, once i have highlighted his shortcoming and solutions to his short coming i would think of how for him to understand his shortcoming (there is no problem in me knowing his shortcoming but him not accepting them, we wont meet on common grounds). and finally when/ what would be the best time to approach the solution.

once i have finished with my ‘stress book’ called my stepson, i mentally close this book in my mind and open another stress book, for example, called ‘my debts’. again i would think of the problem in an organised method, step by step, then i would examine my shortcoming to why i am in debt, after that, things other people did/say to make my situation worse then think of any solutions i can come up with and finally close this stress book in your mind,

you should never have two stress books at the same time, if you are thinking of a problem and another problem comes to mind. you then have to close that second book in your mind. because once both stress books are opened your mind may go into stress overload.


as we get older we naturally tend to take on more responsibility and therefore tend to stress more. we know that stress levels changes depending on the person, place and time. one way which i used to reduce stress is by using a technique called ‘stress books’. this is one method of reducing your stress hopefully soon we will discuss other methods soon. let me know in the comment section what techniques you used to reduce stress.


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