My first blog!

If someone had asked me a year ago what I thought about starting a blog. I would have been against it, starting a blog is as alien to me as flying a plane.

Being dyslexic, reading and writing were never my strong subjects. I didn’t help that I finally found out about my dyslexia at the age of 16, I thought I was a slow learner.

I remember around the age of 15, my teacher at school told me to read in front of the class. Once I started, the whole class laughed. Another incident the teacher asked me what G-R-E-Y spells and I didn’t know. It was due to incidents like these which made me shy away from reading and writing my entire life.

Then you may ask why did I start now. For many reasons, one is the swimming pool analogy. When I was young I could swim, I spent years ‘learning’ to swim by myself and I couldn’t swim. What I realized I was only paddling on the edge of the pool, I always had the safety of the edge of the pool to fall back on. If I were to drown I would grab the end of the pool, yes after years of trying I didn’t drown but at the same time I could swim.

Once I realized what was holding me back, I realized I had to move away from the edge of the pool and learn. Yes, I nearly drowned a few times, I drank (by accident) a huge amount of chlorine water. But in the end I managed to swim, and swimming by far my one of my most enjoyable hobby. Me running away from reading/ writing is the same as me ‘swimming at the edge of the pool’. I need to face my fears and who know what will happen once I can finally write. And hopefully it will increase my confidence in writing and overcome my fears

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  1. I’m so glad you decided to start. Because trying is much better than doing something just for the results. I myself just learned to swim at the age of 39 too, so it’s so apt to come across this post. Keep writing!

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